Meet the Visionist: ‘City Box’ Athens – Istanbul Meets Iliada Evangelia Kothra from Living Postcards

Greece in 2014: Positive things that can happen in a country that has been into crisis and is now trying to re-structure itself by promoting its ‘good’ and positive things. You will never meet a Greek that will say: I do not love my country. We do love our country. A lot! We love the sun, the sea; the colours of the sky, the light ... many Greeks will tell you that you will never find this light anywhere else in the world. It is not an exaggeration..
Iliada Kothra is a young lady living in Athens. She has created an amazing platform called "Living Postcards". As she puts it: “Living postcards is about the things we like in Greece, the things we want to share with you. We love this country. A lot! But we don’t see it with the eyes of a typical old fashioned tourist, who bought postcards once from Greece. Ours are real. They are breathing, scents, pictures, words, feelings, people. They come alive every time we look around. Boutique hotels that we want to visit and relax. Artists that make us think, smile, reconsider things, change. Painters, photographers, modern galleries, because "art is life" and life is art also, New fashion and jewelry designers that makes us proud here and abroad. They give a new definition to "chic and Greek". Local products, Mediterranean tastes high class restaurants where you can have fun eating, and socializing. After all "food is pleasure". Cosmetics from alternative brands with quality products, respecting ''mother nature''. Because we all need "pure beauty".
New musicians that make the difference. More than the typical sound of Greece. "More than bouzouki". All these people are the proof that when you really love something, you fight for it. You can’t hold back, you move on, no matter what you have been told, and no matter all the negative scenarios and tough reality, you have to try and make your dreams come true. The new Greeks are not afraid to be compared to their ancestors. They respect their inheritance, but they live "here and now", with a global open mindness. Join us in this trip. Its full of joy and a strong belief for a better tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy it!”

CL: Well Iliada, welcome to ‘City Box’ Athens – Istanbul. How did the idea for the creation of Living Postcards come from? 

IK: I was travelling abroad and I saw that there was a big interest about anything ''Greek'', and people there, knew few things actually about the ''new Greece''.

CL: Has ‘Living Postcards’ changed your life and in what sense? 

IK: Completely. In many ways. Thousands visitors, many collaborations, a new agency that promotes products and designers abroad and new friends. Most of all, we achieved to promote the ''good face of of Greece'' and that was the main goal.