Evangelia Iliada Kothra celebrates two years of founding Living-Postcards.com a unique platform that promotes anything Greek abroad. A strong and mysterious woman who puts others above herself. She prefers to promote than to be promoted while she is probably the only one that gets to meet first all the Greek talents. That alone is enough to intrigue me!

So, lets get to meet her a little deeper...

Manos: How did you conceive Living-Postcards?

Iliada: In one of my trips in London, I noticed a lot of local food products in elegant ''deli's''and I suddenly  realised that we had to offer something more than the typical ''Greece'', more than the typical ''mousaka'', souvlaki and the sunsets of Santorini. When I returned, I decided to make a platform that would promote abroad all the good things this place has to offer, specially those that foreign people never heard of before.

Manos: Which one is Your favorite postcard?

Iliada: My favorite postcard....that's hard to say after 1800 presentations that never stop...but if I had to choose one I would say the section ''meet the Greeks'' where we post interviews of people that ''DO THINGS'' , that can change the world, in a smaller or in a bigger way.

Manos: What piece of advice would you offer a new entrepreneur?

Iliada: The only advice I would give is: ''Work hard, work with passion, work with good partners and listen to YOUR heart''.

Manos: There is a mystery around you. Why is that? And who really is Iliada?

Iliada: Oh! I am flattered! Really? Well, if there's any mystery...it's better to keep it this way.....

Manos: If you could be granted an extra skill, what would it be and why?

Iliada: I would like to draw. I admire people, artists that can take a single piece of paper, or a canvas and make it ''alive''. I adore fashion designers that can draw all those beautiful clothes that make us more sexy, confident, and feminine. I cant draw anything and instead I work with so many designers and artists, how bad is that?

Manos: What is the goal that once achieved, you will think: ‘I made it’?

Iliada: To place products from small/young brands or designers in food shops and concept stores abroad: that's really big for me and it will make all of us, as a team, very proud. We all work hard including myself and I think that even more is about to come. In a few days we will celebrate  the 2 years of Living-Postcards in the Netherlands Embassy, with inspired speakers, food tasting and live music. This is something that we will continue over with other events, such as ''gastronomie nights'' and ''new designers party''. You are all welcome to join us.

Manos: What are your thoughts about Greece today?

Iliada: I believe in the young, absolutely; I believe that GREECE will shortly see the light in the end of the tunnel, but only through the young generation that has no fake dreams, or crystal promises..
Things are changing..Because They will change them.