We asked Iliada Kothra, editor in chief of Living Postcards, about Design Lab 2015, which will be held in Technopolis, Athens, 15-17/05/15. Let's have a look at her answers. 
How does Living Postcards participate in Design Lab?
Living Postcards in this year's Design Lab, participates with a strong combination of selected artists, in areas such as fashion, jewellery, collage, installations and design objects in an attempt to fill with color and creativity the yard of Technopolis and get the thousands of visitors to know new or older names and firms of design and architecture, to learn about designers with whom we are about to deal with in the near future, and those who have already been renowned abroad.
What will be the role of the labs that actually differentiate Design Lab between other shows? What will be the corelation between designers and them?
I will highlight the excellent workshop that will be held under the curation of Archisearch, by Kostas Poulopoulos, Senior Architect of BIG Architects, and his speech '' Copenhagen, city for children '' in order for us and the designers, of course, to understand through a case study on the extension of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, what is missing from the building and its relation with the city through the open space, but also what is the importance of the ''open space'', how creativity can flourish through it, and how children's daily lives are directly affected.
What are we going to see by Living Postcards in this year's Design Lab?
Designers such as the renowned in the field of fashion, Myrto Dramountani, the group of Salty bags, jewelleries and constructions of Nomoora, Nefelia, Rainpatterns, the wooden bags by Anna Moraitou, the concept of Lila Athanasopoulou, and many other that will spur the interest of visitors and will give them a fresh way of looking at the things around them.
Would you say that there are common approaches among the designers whose work is curated by you and if yes, what these would be? Are there any deviations?
Common approaches, yes. Deviations not. All designers have been chosen in a way that would create a blending between them, artistically and in a level of energy, you know, this deeper feeling experienced by a visitor - so that there will be a co-guilt of things and impressions. This is a company with a very good mood, and believe me, this mood will decorate their works evenly.
What kind of aftertaste would you like to remain through Design Lab and particularly through Living Postcards?
The sense of creativity in difficult times. The resounding response to those who believe that the economic crisis has reduced talent, or dreams for progress. The smell of young people, intensely left behind them, that of the fresh ingredients, transformed into design masterpieces, and that this is the beginning for many Living Postcards events and partnerships around as because there are many of our ''living'' Greek postcards.